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3 in 1 WordPress plug-in >turn PLR to unique content < Clone WP > add Amazon, Clickbank, Adsense

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01-16-2012, 12:00 PM

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Default 3 in 1 WordPress plug-in >turn PLR to unique content < Clone WP > add Amazon, Clickbank, Adsense

Hi Warriors!

Not going to write a huge sales letter as if you are like me you just want to find out exactly what the product does.
I initially had this plug-in developed for myself as I needed the features and there was NOTHING that did exactly what I wanted.
So what does this WordPress plug-in do?


*Turn PLR content to 100% unique content! (it will look the same but will pass copyscape). Just ZIP and import as many articles as you want.

*Add Adsense, Amazon and clickbank adverts EASILY!

*Clone WordPress blogs. Set up a template and clone sites QUICKLY!

Who is the plug-in for?

*Adsense websites – add Adsense adverts to content. The amazing thing is the plug-in AUTOMATICALLY turns PLR content in to UNIQUE CONTENT.

*Offline marketers – WP AFFLIATE CASH CLONER allows you to clone WordPress blogs so you could easily set up templates for different offline niches and produce high quality sites in minutes!

*Affiliate marketers – add Amazon and Clickbank advertising to any content you import!

*Website flippers – produce huge sites with UNIQUE CONTENT in minutes.


[yes] Can be used on your own sites
[yes] Can be used on client sites
[yes] Can be used on sites you flip
[no] Can be included in your product
[no] Can be offered in any way on the Warrior Forum


[yes] Can be used on your own sites
[yes] Can be used on client sites
[no] Can be used on sites you flip
[no] Can be included in your product
[no] Can be offered in any way on the Warrior Forum



Richard Goldie’s "WP Affiliate Cash Cloner" This Plugin is THE one to get pronto. Because it does a full clone of your current WP Website or Blog fast. This was so impressive, consider other WP plugins on the market cost up to $97.00 just to clone. In addition I also imported a zip file full of 20 PLR articles on the fly within seconds. I did a copyscape check and show no duplicate content, can’t believe it. Totally unique! To monetize your site you have the option of adding Click Bank products.

Amazon products and AdSense, you have full control over the entire layout such as dimensions and color selection. I like the way all of the Ads display seamlessly throughout the content as it blends in perfectly. I found the plugin very easy to use by watching the short tutorial video. I had Absolutely no problems, everything worked great just awesome. I would pick this up this asap, it is RED HOT! does 3 things in one and more. Flawlessly as advertised. looks like this could be the WP Plugin of The Year Definitely 5 STARS *****.


Sean R.



So far I have not encountered any problems at all,if I do I will tell you. Where should I give you the review at? I am almost done trying out this amazing plugin.



Hi Mate!

Thanks for the review copy! All I can say is fantastic as this is going to save me so much time! Would have paid $97 for this! Alan


Holy Mackerel! Talk about OVER-DELIVERING!

Richard has really set a new standard for other WSO‘s to try and match this offer. I have downloaded the plugin package and am amazed at what has been put together here. These are 3 very professional plugins combined as one. I agree with the post above, it really is at least 5 plugins in one!! In any event, these different scripts cover virtually every possible item that could be needed when creating a powerful WordPress blog which is instantly monetized with all of the top moneymakers plus comes with the best way to make your content unique. In addition, you get a very easy way to upload that content is fantastic.

This is one of the better "thought out" plugin sets that I have ever seen. Everything works intuitively. The instructions are very concise and the settings look like they are easy to customize for all your needs. My guess is that anyone with a little creative knowledge will have no problem getting a truly customized and powerful money making site up and running in no time. This is ideal for both newbie and experienced users alike.

What Richard has produced is definitely a GREAT package. For anyone starting fresh in this business or any other business, I would recommend picking up this WSO. Creating a powerful WordPress site is important and having professional plugins is a must to differentiate your site from all the others that are out there. This all-in-one plugin should be just the ticket.

In the past, I have paid much more of individual plugins than is the case with this 3-in-1 plugin set. I therefore, give this WSO my highest rating. Get it fast before the price goes up (as I am certain it will).

Phil G


I cannot believe it when I saw this thread and this amazing wordpress plugin for only $14. It should b worth much more as the competitors in this specific wordpress plugin category does not even come close to this price.

Furthermore the plugin is simple and very efficient, I did not even have to look at the manual for the most part. That is just one part of this plugin that most people see, however you are also able to import different PLRpackages and even add in clickbank products which just blows away any competiton that this plugin had. For $14 you are getting a plugin that can literally save your life in case your site becomes infected or hacked plus the added abilities.

A must for anyone that is already using wordpress or anyone that will!




If you are using WordPress you should get this. At $14 for a multi-site license (and a 60 day money back guarantee) you just can’t go wrong.

This is very useful plugin and a BIG time saver and most of all, it does exactly what is promised.



"WP Plugin of The Year Definitely 5 STARS"

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