BraceAbility Trigger Finger Treatment Splint Natural Home Remedy SportingGoods: health and wellness
BraceAbility Trigger Finger Treatment Splint Natural Home Remedy
BraceAbility Trigger Finger Treatment Splint Natural Home RemedyTrigger finger is a condition which causes a locking sensation and pain in one or more fingers, more common in the thumb, ring, and middle finger. This disorder is usually caused by repeatedly grasping or gripping of certain objects (steering wheel while driving, a racket while playing tennis or badminton, or even a cellphone, for instance), which eventually breaks down the fat pad at the base of the finger. When this fat pad starts to break down, the tendon underneath-which is responsible for helping the finger bend-begins to swell. This natural treatment option for pain from trigger finger popping and clicking is one of the best remedies, and can be worn on your pointer, index, middle, ring, pinky finger or thumb. The aluminum splint treatment works to prevent your finger from bending into a position where it could catch, lock or get stuck. Thankfully, the comfortable and streamlined design of our at home remedy still allows you to have full use of your hand while wearing the brace. This pain relief brace gives a conservative alternative to surgery as treatment for trigger finger. It can also be used after stenosing tenosynovitis surgery as part of a physical therapy regiment, to protect your tendon and help your finger and hand heal. This trigger finger remedy is constructed of a polyurethane foam that is comfortable against the skin. The exterior side has a soft brushed backing. Additionally, the splint is universal fitting for every finger, even the thumb, due to it’s adjustable Velcro strap. With this splint for trigger fingers adjustable Velcro, you can wear it post surgery to accommodate your swelling. You can wear this brace during the day or even at night. This finger splint removes pressure from affected area, allowing daily activities to resume comfortably.

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Mixed Colors Bulk Prewrap for Athletic Tape
Mixed Colors Bulk Prewrap for Athletic TapeFoam prewrap is an essential part of every med kit – from the emergency hiking kit to the professional athletic trainer’s bag. The traditional use for prewrap is under athletic tape to keep the tape from adhering to skin, however it has dozens of other uses that make it indispensable for athletes. It has been commonly used in recent years as a hair band to keep flyaway hairs out of athletes’ eyes. Because it is easy to tear but strong when twisted, it is also used to create knee and elbow straps that alleviate the pressure on painful tendons. These rolls are sold in bulk, not in retail packaging. All prewrap is produced for IthacaSports and is comparable to Mueller or Cramer. The Rainbow pack includes 12 random, different colors and will not include white or natural.

Company: IthacaSports

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