Vegan Taste Test

YouTube: vegan

Vegan Taste Test
Vegan junk!! YES! (not my vegan typical diet, but this stuff is fun to try) Veganism is on the rise, so a huge market for these vegan food products has practically …

YouTube: natural healing

What They Don’t Teach in Medical School: Natural Remedies for Healing Your Body and Mind
For more information on natural remedies for healing your mind and body, visit Subscribe to John Gray’s Mars Venus YouTube …

YouTube: yoga

In this video we challenge each other to difficult Yoga poses!! Our extremely flexible friend Eric released a new song this week, check it out: …

YouTube: vegetarian

Vegan Vs Vegetarian ft. Gary Yourofsky
what is the difference between veganism and vegetarianism? is vegetarianism really a healthy, animal-friendly and moral way of living? join gary yourofsky and …

YouTube: emotional freedom technique

Quit Smoking with Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)
Visit for more Emotional Freedom Technique videos, EFT articles, and my E-Book. Emotional Freedom Technique is a simple …

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